Facebook – here, there, and everywhere….

… I’m surrounded by Facebook and Social Networks.

It’s like history repeating itself.

The talk that was going on the last years in Denmark – pros & cons. about social networks like Facebook  – is happening in my life once again…

I have several projects about how, what, when, why, how much etc from Nepali and Danish friends/companies. Had a two mails and presentation yesterday about the subject, and this morning  while evaluating my different ideas and projects I got an article from BrandChannel about exactly the situation the companies I’m helping are in: Why Brands Have An Eye On Facebook…

Let me state one thing:
It is NOT about just having a web site. It is NOT about having a fan group on Facebook, it is NOT about getting fans, it is not about having a blog…. it is about having a web presence, it’s about have something to say that interest people, it’s about doing something that involves your existing and future consumers – put your self in the consumers mind and ask: Is this relevant, is it involving, is it funny etc. – I’m sure that many of your ideas never will reach your keyboard…:-)

Try and  go back in time for a few minutes. Place yourself behind your old desk and recap all the ‘embarrassing’ promotions you did. Then ask you self. Did it work? Or didn’t it?.

If it worked – do it again – but this time take the best of the online possibilities and mix them with what you are doing all ready off-line.

You may have more possibilities today than you did back then. But your consumers fundamental interests are still the same. It’s about Sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll…. FIGURATIVELY!

And I’m sure that tis is what the upcoming movie i just got via good friend an web pioneer Ronnie Rocket’s own ( and private social network) Bongorama: The Social Network is all about.

Don’t complicate things. Enjoy them… !

Wonder if this movie about FB will take the network to new hights?

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