Its official: Facebook just passed 500 million users! Nepal more than doubled in six months to 512.000 users.

As of this morning, 500 million people all around the world are actively using Facebook to stay connected with their friends and the people around them.

This is an important milestone for all of you who have helped spread Facebook around the world. Now a lot more people have the opportunity to stay connected with the people they care about.

To celebrate, we’ve put together a collection of stories you’ve shared with us about the impact Facebook and your friends have had on your lives…. by Mark Zuckerberg kl. 21. July 2010 kl. 21:53

Mashable has an excellent coverage of the  event – which in my opinion is the biggest milestones in the history of communication EVER!  – ½ billion users…. or 8 % of Planet Earths total population gathered around the same media, real-time.. – and its growing FAST – same time a year ago Facebook had 200 million users :-/

Read about the launch of Facebook Stories, read about FB’s new initiative to expand in the 3rd world: and follow the link to Mark’s introduction of the new stories application og the Facebookblog. Among the stories Mark Z points out is this one about former..Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who, during his time in office, would go jogging with 100 of his fans from Facebook.

I have a very strong feeling that we are witnessing one of the biggest marketing campaigns EVER! Just wait until we get closer to the premier of the Facebook Movie

Then you might ask yourself – how is the Nepalese doing in Facebook Country?

Take a look at this one:

FB user in Nepal are exploding!!!

In 6 months the number of users have DOUBLED to 512.260 as pr today, 22nd July 2010.

As far as I know this must be the fastest growing country ever. And I know for sure that FB is the strongest media among the youth. The age group <24 has a 65 % share of all Nepalese FB users. Double up compared to their share of the total Nepalese population.

More interesting Facebook/Nepal facts & figures on Facebakers.

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