12th Tuborg Image Award Show

The biggest star of them all was not present: TUBORG BEER a little strange since it just got a new beautifull Dress..:-}

It was really a great experience to attend the 12th Tuborg Image Award Show last night. I don’t know how many award shows I (and Annette) has been to… but it’s the first EVER en a country like Nepal.

It’s very strange to attend a show where you don’t understand a word of what’s going on. We are NOT strong in Nepali. The positive thing is that we can only judge the event from what we hear – the music. AND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

After listening to so much good local music it is a big mystery to me why there are so many bands playing so much cover-crap-music-from the 80’ies….

One thing – after watching so much Tuborg for so long time you get really thirsty. So I really missed a bar.

Why didn’t Tuborg present the New Tuborg Beer in its beautyfull new bottle for all the media people, musicians, Bohemians and other the other important people who were present…

Any way – a got my drinks later :-}

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