Don Died (Yesterday), Primal Scream lives…

Lunch in Jorpati, dinner at Tings together with Primal Scream, Bongo, Rorschach & Je:Su, Bongo + Twitter, + Zappa + Don + Milou – but most important: Annette… getting my life back – slowly.

It's amazing what a hot morning bath together with the one u love does to your spirit. ANNETTE I LOVE U SOOOO MUCH.

… and the twitter – bongo – FB – skype conversations I have had with Ronnie, Kasper, Ronnie, Troels, Sebastian – ALL TOGETHER at the same time makes the world seem so small and intimate…

But Milou is pissing in our duvets, head phones …. and she gives a shit!

T: 'Milou... Say Cheese....'

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  1. tingstrup siger:

    I know – it’s very cryptic. But Beefheart and Screamadelica have been the soundtrack of my day. Along with the sound of hot water filling the bath tub and Milou’s miauuwing.

    1. jesperca siger:

      Spa my day!

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