People ask me where I get my musical inspiration from.


My main sources are Ronnie’s NewMusicUnited, NewJazzUnited and his Electronic20

Then I follow a lot of groups, DJ, Producers on Soundcloud

Finally there are a lot of specialized online radio stations that is specialized in the genres I like…

Try the Australian Eastside FM where Lloyd Swaton’s Mixed Marriages is one of my online favorite programs.

My Zappa input I get from and especially Zappa Radio, My metal/noise rock/trash etc. I get from my son (though he has been absent for a while due to too much work) and the new commercial stuff I get from my two favorite magazines: Rolling Stones and Paste Magazine. Remember that you can get all their updates from the magazine’s sites on FB and Twitter.

My new source are my favorite bands YouTubeChannels – Rolling Stone is by FAR the best on the live concert/documentory site while a band like Queen is ting the list of bootleg live recordings.

Well thats about it – more of my sources will pop up later. Can’t remember them right now.

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