Beatles vs Coltrane according to Steve Reich…

That’s exactly the same for me…


Steve Reich: 'When I was a kid and heard Elvis, I couldn't care less.'



“…. He (Phil Lesh if The Greatful Dead) told me I had to hear Revolver by the Beatles. So I listened to it and I like it but I couldn’t name you a tune that’s on it. Sgt Pepper came out, and I heard A Day in the Life and I thought, wow, these guys are really remarkable, but it didn’t have any influence on me. They were really bright, intelligent musicians with a vast capability and enormous talent and a lot of charm. But Coltrane, I listened and said: ‘Wow, thank you very much, I’ve learned something.’ That never happened with rock and roll.”

The Beatles were nice dudes who wrote nice tunes… but meant nothing to me.

Coltrane changed my life…

/Thomas, Bangkok listening to Reich ReMixed



Read Alexis Petridis interview with Steve Reich in The Guardian 1st March, 2013


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