MLTR I Yangon (skriver lidt fra Bangkok senere)


  1. Renovate my life

  2. Sleeping child K

  3. I carry on (its only love)

  4. Love will never die

  5. Its gonna make sense

  6. Heaven is my alibi.

  7. The Actor

  8. Out of the blue (Jasha Solo)

  9. I’m gonna be around

  10. Animals

  11. Love will still remain

  12. Blue night… you are the one

  13. You took my heart away

  14. Anyway you want it…

  15. Final destination

  16. Standing still

  17. Take me to your heart

  18. Wild Women

  19. 25 minutes

  20. Some day (one take video)


  21. Paint my love

  22. Scandinavia

  23. That’s why you go away….

 20130331_230129 20130331_224014 20130331_224748 20130331_225941

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