Limbo Copenhagen to Limbo Nepal.



Pop Up Art Event in Kathmandu in February

Performance Artist and Art Space owner Sophus Ritto has been in town since 2 February where he has been setting up Limbo Kathmandu art space.

We’ve tried to write a bio // press release about his project. But it turned out to be too complicated. Every time we got facts written down new questions popped up.

We decided to interview him. After all – its him who has the questions.

Art@Tings, 15 February 2015

Ses I Limbo

//?// Tell me Sophus what exactly is Limbo?

//!// Limbo is an art venue in the heart of Copenhagen. But although Limbo sometimes functions as such it’s NOT a gallery. It’s more like a space where people create, express and exchange ideas, visions, projects and energy. A lot of people ‘just’ hang out. It’s from this I get my inspiration and create my art.

//?// A little more…

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