Interview with art student Aya Ando

… and it all starte with a pair of blue rubber sandals 🙂


Text by: Ruri Kawanami
Photo by: Mai Suzuki

We visited the atelier of Aya Ando, a 23-year old art student, who now studies at the Universität der Künste (UdK) in Berlin as an exchange student.

She is a young and ambitious artist who promised us that she would definitely come back to Berlin after her student years!

今回はベルリンの芸術大学(Universität der Künste (略UdK))で勉強する日本人アーティストの安藤綾さんのアトリエにお邪魔してきました。

You studied fine arts in Japan, what motivated you to come to Berlin in the first place?


I moved around a lot while I was living in Japan, but basically I was settled in Oota, Tokyo. I had never been to Berlin before this exchange year, but liked some German artists like Gerhard Richter, and also admired my professor Zipp here at the University, that’s why I came to Berlin.

Berlin is a very chaotic city in a positive manner. I wanted to put myself in this…

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