One of the big mysteries of life (in Nepal?)

Desperate to get a taste of  real cheese Annette spent a fortune on a piece of Arla Camembert. The first slice smelt and tasted of absolutely NOTHING!

After 2 wks in the sun I hoped the cheese would mature and get a little ‘character’.

It did – now it started to taste of a very young, mild and harmless brie. My guess is that it will reach the full  brie flavour after another two months in the sun, now that the weather is getting warmer.

Is there an Arla specialist out there that can tell me how long time it takes the chees to reach the Camembert level – is it possible at all?

Are we talking about cheese – I mean cheese in the traditional ‘cheese context’ – cheese as in the universe of the Monty Python.

Enlighten me, please!

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