The boys are back in town!

Dear All,

The embassy has been informed the following:

“Political tensions in Nepal are currently high, and there is a large nationwide Maoist rally planned for Saturday 1 May. You should minimise your movements on that day, especially in Kathmandu, and avoid crowds. It may be difficult to travel within Nepal on that day and you should allow enough time to return to Kathmandu if you have an international flight. The Maoist Party is also currently planning a nationwide indefinite general strike from 2 May.

Please be aware also that there are unconfirmed reports suggesting that criminals are taking advantage of weakened public security and are identifying themselves as members of the YCL and Youth Force. They are going door to door in and around Kathmandu demanding money.

Nepal Tourist board has advised that they will provide Tourist Busses around Kathmandu between the airport and the main tourist areas/hotels in the Valley. They are working on the schedule and it should be available to the public at 2pm today. The Nepal Tourism Board Hotline phone number is (01) 4225709.”

Please keep your self’s updated through the medias.

The Danish Travel advise for Nepal can be read at this link (it’s in Danish):

Yours sincerely,



Vice Consul

(+977 1) 4413010 EXT.16 / MOBIL (+977) 98510 40 763


P. O. BOX 6332



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