Daylight robbery is the ‘warm’ welcome all tourist get when they arrive in Nepal. Approved by the government!

This is the first impression tourists get when they arrive @ the airport in Kathmandu. Wonder who get’s the money?

The government approved taxi rates are 2-3 times higher than from anywhere else in Nepal.
daylight robbery - approved by the Nepalese Government

I always get so embarrassed when I see the official government approved rates for pre-payed taxis from Tribhuvan International Airport.

That happened again when I picked up Annette last Saturday.

Like so many times before I took a taxi from Lazimpat Road. 165 NRP showed the meter when I arrived @ the airport.

On our way back to Lazimpat the traffic was a little heavier. 185 NRP showed the meter.

I know it was a Saturday and the only weekend in Nepal and the day where the traffic is easiest. But even on a week day we never pay more than 250 NRP from Lazimpat.

If your eyes allow you to see the text on the photo above – have a close look.

If not try enlarging the photo or just believe me if I tell you that the official rate from the airport ton Shangri-La is 500 NRP. Or 2 – 3 times as expensive as the prize you pay if you pick up one of the taxi’s on the other side of the parking area.

Can someone out there tell me reason behind these crazy prices?

And is this really the way to welcome tourists and people who wants to either do business in Nepal OR working to improve the living conditions for the Nepalese people?


The funny thing is that during the bandhs the official Govenrment buses take you downtown for 100 NRP – the just don’t tell people that arrives… they are forced to pay up to 2.00o NRP for a rick shaw to Thamel.

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  1. adeo siger:

    It is ofcourse a normal price to hire a taxi and a driver who is taking you at hotel safely. Otherwise do you know how much does it cost a liter of petrol in Kathmandu? You must calculate all before judging any thing over there. Everything is expensive while they import goods from abroad they pay as you pay.

    1. tingstrup siger:

      I live in Kathmandu and now the prices – and I have my own very old Gypsy 🙂

      And the price is NOT normal.

      I go to the airport several times a month. From Lazimpat the price 160 – 180 by meter… Half the price that then government approved rates 2 the airport. The same government that approves the meters in the taxis.

      What are the arguments for charging dbl price just because people arrive and are not aware of the price level in the country?

      I call i cheating 🙂

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