The famous Boris Lissanevich gives a party at his pig farm 1966


From Dr. Wolfgang Donners fantastic website.

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  1. Beata siger:

    Yeah, Dr. Wolf Donner is a great guy: my very special friend, will be 90 next year!!! I took over the editorship of NEPAL INFORMATION MAGAZINE from him … grateful to all the work he and his wife did to build up the publication

    1. tingstrup siger:

      Beata, I live in Kathmandu where I run Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel… just behind the graveyard where Boris is buried… do you know if Wolfgang has other pictures… and did he meet him? If he did – would he like to share his stories on my blog. I find Boris life very facinating… as you will know if you read this bolog.

      Cheers /T

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