Thanks for all your B-Day Greetings! U Made my day!

Facebook SUCKS.png

For reasons completely unknown to me Facebook has blocked me. I was in the middle of Thanking each one of you personally when I suddenly got my reply rejected while commenting on birthday greeting 167…

I am still blocked – but that shall not prevent me of saying F*** U! to Mark Z and to all you out there….


A million thanks for all your B-Day greetings!!!

You mailed me, called me, texted me on messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype and/or came by for a drink. Friends I have known for ages, friends I’ve met recently and friends I will get to know better in the future…

It’s impossible to get an overview of all your greetings – so I spent my Sunday morning copy/pasting all names into a document.

Marshal Matter
Age with Attitude… my new speaker!

My list of greetings is very long.

But despite all the black letters very colourful.

Not only are you black, yellow, red, white, brown or rainbow coloured – except from Antarctica you live or travelled on all continents. You are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Catholic, Atheist, Hindu or something completely different. You are Filthy Rich, Poor or something in between. And you are Hetero, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transvestite or….?

Still you have one thing in common: ME!

… at least the instant it took you to send a warming thought in my direction 😊

All this love encourage me to contiune being a grumpy old man :-)?

He is very angry BUT hasn’t been better the last 10 years – Nikola Nedeljkovic Gøttsche in wrote  Information’s review of Eminem’s surprise release Kamikaze

A few months before another Danish news paper wrote What a relief to see he still keeps his anger in its review of Eminem’s super concert at this years Roskilde Festival.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III 46 – only10 years younger than me!!!!!

So to all of you who accuse me for being A Grumpy Old Man…. F*** U!

All your greetings the last days shows me that something works – why fix what aint broke?

So I have decided to stay angry!!!

But that will not prevent me to helping people as much I can, to be (ruthles) honest and to cross borders (physically and mentally).

Mark Suckerberg FUCK YOU!

To the rest of you: Uncenditional Love!


Birthday Greeting from Annette – the love of my life

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