Søren & Stine do it again – Another Great Outdoor Exhibition: Now Open in Prague!

Another fantastic show from Søren & Stine @ Life

Right at the very heart of the European continent, the second Wild Wonders of Europe outdoor exhibition was launched June 22 in the City of Prague. It is one of Prague’s prestigious venue beside the Rudolfinum!

Among the speakers during the opening were Minister of Environment Rut Bízková, the Director of Nature at the European Commission Ladislav Miko, by the Head of the State Environment Committee Václav Mencl, the Director of the Sumava National Park, František Krejčí and the Managing Director of Wild Wonders of Europe, Staffan Widstrand.

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Wouldn’t it be a good idea with a Wild Wonders of Himalaya in Kathmandu?

It’s Tourist Year in 2011 – and the Danish Photographer Morten Svenningsen just returned to Denmark after several years in Nepal. I’m sure he is loaded with good pix.

Check out this Wonder from Sunrise in the Himalayas

Thank U Morten for letting me post this beatiful pix.

And the Danish Ambassador – and photographer – Finn Thilsted returns to Denmark in September with more photos AND contacts.

Maybe I should a start up little online  workshop…. that gives us a year until the season starts in September 2011. I would love to be the midwife of a similar project and would be glad to sponsor a press get-2-gether @ Tings 🙂

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