“Nepal will be holding its first ever gay pride parade on Wednesday” – but what about the one held in 2005

According to the country’s only openly gay parliament member, Sunil Pant, Nepal will be holding its first ever gay pride parade this year.

“We want to make this a truly international event. Nepal has made so much progress on gay issues in the last few years, and we hope to spread hope and inspire others.”

Sunil Pant is looking for the event to host as many as 3,000 LGBT community members from Nepal and neighbouring countries GayAgenda writes.

I saw the story a month ago in The Kathmandu Post – but then i really didn’t believe in the event.

After a few minutes surfing it turns out that there were a similar event in 2005 where this colorful beauty added some extra spice to the Kathmandu Street life. If she and some of the other gu(a)ys on UK Gay News hits the streets on Wednesday we’ll have a ball

Isn't she wonderful?

The coverage in the Nepali press has been relatively limited. Compared to India where OneIndia, Hindustan Times, Times of India, and a lot of other media from south from here have covered the news about the up coming event.

I have had some problems finding the program.

But according to The Blue Diamond Society the program is as follows:

  • Time: 14:00
    Gathering at Durbar Marg, front Of former Royal Palace with colorfully decorated floats of many local LGBTs representing their districts.
  • 14:05
    PM Rally starts and proceeds through the Clock Tower (Ghanta Ghar), Kamladi, Pulisadk, Thindikhel, Tripreshore, New Road, Hanuman Dhoka, the palace square of Kathmandu, Ranipokhari and Back to Durbar Marg.

I hope the Nepalese are as tolerant on the sexual front as they are on the religious.

A gay and lesbian scene is one of the things that defines an international city – lot of taste, style and humor!

I’m looking forward to the event and hope that we can support it one way or the other when Tings Lounge Hotel is up and running next year.

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    Nice work Thomas,

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