Thank you SO much for all your birthday greetings!

One thing I don’t understand – when a diverse group like all my friends can share so much love in my tiny world why can’t we do the same when it comes to the whole world?

Looking at things this way makes me crazy 🙂


Yesterday I received hundreds of birthday greetings

From all continents on this planet (except from Antarctica). From my black, yellow, red, white and brown friends. They are Christians, Muslims, Jews, Palestinians, Buddhists, Chatolics, Atheists or Hindus. Hetro Sexuals, Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals or Transvestites. Rich, Poor, men, women, young, old or half dead via Gmail, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, sms, Skype, Pinterest, phone, viber andby mind.

So much love and compassion is a gift that money can’t buy.

I dedicate it all to all sentient beings.



If you want to give me a small present check out my new baby – ReConceptions Of Jazz. If you like what you see – share among your music loving friends.

[IN DANISH] HVIS DU ER NYSGERRIG – Følg min danske blog føljeton om tilblivelsen af en festival i Kathmandu

ReConceptions Of Jazz #1: DJazz, DJazz og mere DJazz… eller The birth of a festival.

ReConceptions Of Jazz #2: Herligt med de mange positive tilkendegivelser.

ReConceptions Of Jazz #3: Vi er sprunget ud af skabet – jeg ved godt at Pride starter i dag. Men det er altså ikke det skab:

ReConceptions Of Jazz #4: ‘Man you’re old’… det er fra børn, fulde folk og kids fra Borneo man skal høre sandheden:

ReConceptions Of Jazz #5: Befri mig for nepalesiske medier – de er en farce:

ReConceptions Of Jazz #6: Gennembrud på flere fronter…

ReConceptions Of Jazz #7: Har brug for et break.

ReConceptions Of Jazz #8: Idioti, grådighed eller det der er værre – velkommen til Udviklingsverden?

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