Brian Eno explores John Peel’s Archive. THIS IS DANGEROUS. You never get to bed…

 It started with this one on Pitchford

(I LOVE the story about Peel playing No Pussy Footing Backwards LOL)

That took me to BBC

Legendary producer Brian Eno visits Peel Acres and looks through John Peel’s magnificent archive, picking some of his favourite tracks and obscure songs from the vast collection of vinyl.

Brian remembers

Listen to Eno’s lecture on BBC here: Brian Eno at Peel’s Acres

3rd Link – and the ‘dot’ above the ‘I’

Get deeper into the box of records ENO picked from Peel’s >100.000 album collection on JOHN PEEL RECORD BOXES

Album by album feature with the most interesting album selection I’v seen/listended to on-libne ever. BUT MOST IMPORTANT – the interface with the album cover plugin and matching ENO Commet box is fantastic.

Radio/Web Music have never been more involving and interesting since the days where I was sitting with the vinyls in my hands (and vinyls everywhere)

John Peel’s Record Boxes are universal Music Heritage.

A documentary about Peel’s secret box of 100 vinyl singles.

The Bonus – super lectures from the BBC Podcast Library

2 Podcast Downloads w lectures by Pete Townshend & Iggy Pop. Both are safe on my mobil for my next travels back to Kathmandu.


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