My good friend just ruined my day…Thanks :-)

You know you have friends when you wake up with mixes like this one in you in-box…

This ones from Renry Hollins – aka Uzair Sawal – musical soul brother in Malaysia who knows my weakness for Coltrane, Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, Gil-Scott-revolution-will-not-be-televised-Heron


John Coltrane, Sun Ra, and many more on this stunning 12-hour mix of spiritual jazz.

13598Last week the London online radio station NTS dropped a colossal, nay transcendent 4-part history of spiritual jazz lasting more than 12 hours in all.

It starts with Fred Stone’s “Theme from Lawrence of Arabia” (originally composed by Maurice Jarre, this rendition happened in 1972) and ends with an ambitious composition by the Art Ensemble of Chicago called “Certain Blacks ‘Do What They Wanna.’”

In between you’ll find remarkable music by Stanley Crouch, Elvin Jones, Sun Ra, David S. Ware, Herbie Hancock, Don Cherry, Amiri Baraka, Pharoah Sanders, Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, Last Poets, Gil Scott-Heron, Roland Kirk, Earth Wind and Fire, Art Blakey—and that’s leaving out another several dozen musicians whose names are not as familiar.(Interestingly, Charles Mingus is not represented.)


From Dangerous Minds  yesterday


NTS Spititual.jpg


Track lists for each f the 4 episodes

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