The Soundtrack Of Love

Our wedding was a surprise to Everybody

Bless their pointed little heads…

Months before the wedding Thomas asked Annette’s dad Gerhard for his daughter’s “hand”. So he and Annette’s Mom Alice knew about the marriage.

And Thomas’ Mom Kirsten knew too. She and Kasper were told the day before. But everybody else thought they were going to our housewarming.

Why shouldn’t they?

A few months before we had moved from Grønnegade in City to one of the two biggest houses in Kartoffelrækkerne – so we had a lot of space. And since we love big parties and are very social and generous a housewarming was obvious.

Last but not least: Thomas left the Church when he turned 18 – no one – not even in their wildest dreams – could imagine him getting married. Especially not in a Christian church.

If someone still had an idea about what was about to happen – the text on the invitation would bring an end to that.

We are going on a field research in our new hood – dress casually it said – something that indicated visits to Thomas’ new local bars & cafes, boules in one of the surrounding parks, bungy jumping in the harbour or similar adventurous things. With Thomas’ past at Tuborg, everybody were prepared for the worst.

Not even the bus that was parked outside our house surprised them.

Why a bus?

Going to the chapel of love…

We had made a very simple and very convincing plan. When people arrived around 2 pm we told them to wait on the 1st floor and kill time with beer and/or a drink. The ground floor was completely sealed – nobody could see the kitchen preparations or the beautiful tables we have created the evening and night before.

At 2:30 pm the bus left with all guests. It drove North in the direction of Tuborg brewery which wasn’t a surprise. The brewery has been Thomas playground for years and Annette had her office there, so it was an obvious place to start our research.

That was off course not the plan.

Just before the bus reached the gates it turned left and drew south towards City – direction Holmens Kirke.

At that point people were probably already singing and having fun without noticing that we weren’t there and nobody thought about the theme of the music from the speakers.

We had spend the previous days testing the bus ride in our own car and knew exactly how long time it took. So we had created a love and marry track-list that started with Don’t worry be happy. Chapel of Love – the last track on the list started when the bus entered the gates to Holmens Kirke. Even at that moment there were still some of our friends that didn’t get it. Holmens Kirke is only for the royal family and people with relations to the Royal Navy.

We were neither! The closest we got to the sea was our address (Easter Sea Street) and all the times Thomas faldt i vandet (sorry guys – i don’t know the English translation for this one)

20 minutes of Love, Laughter & Happiness

Where were we?

During the time it took people to arrive and the busride we hurried to Thomas’ new office at EMI only 5 minutes walk from the church. Here Gerhard was waiting in his tuxedo with Annette’s wedding dress ready to jump in. While she dressed Thomas went to Fogall to buy white silk stockings which we for some reasons had forgotten. When he returned he dressed and left for the church.

Thomas had plenty of time and passed by Byens Kro to have a beer with Calle. He didn’t give his wedding outfit a single thought – he was used to see him dressing weird and crazy. But he wasn’t used to se Thomas finishing a beer and leaving so fast. With only 15 minutes to Show Time he couldn’t make any problems. He left with a Sorry Calle, I’m in a hurry we are getting married so I have to be at the church.

5 minutes later Thomas was sitting in front of the altar watching all our surprised friends arriving. 5 more minutes later the priest said: Don’t worry – if Annette doesn’t show up, the alter girls will love to marry you.

Annette did arrive and we said yes, hugged, kissed and laughed our asses off when we saw all our smiling and laughing friends.

CODA – love advice

One important part of this ceremony didn’t go as planned.

After the church our idea was to take a channel boat ride through the harbour to Lumskebugten, where the bus would pick us up and take us home, where Better – who was in charge of the food – needed time to prepare the dinner, so we had booked a samba band to play on the boat and lots of champagne.

There was just one problem:  The weather forecast was so bad that we decided to cancel that part. Thank God for that. Not only would all of us have been soaked. Thanks to the rain the party got the best Kickoff you can imagine. To kill time we were forced to drink champagne, cold beer and our Hibiscus Cocktail – our own creation.

This combined with our happiness was the perfect start for the best party in our life – the party is still going on!

Don’t forget to drink champagne.

We laughed for month while planning the wedding. Especially when we created the cake. La Glace did a fantastic job

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