The story behind our wedding cake

They are getting married??

Except for our parents and Kasper everybody were taken by surprise when the bus they thought was showing them around our new neighborhood – they were invited for a HOUSEWARMING – entered the gate to Holmens Kirke.

So nobody had brought a camera (remember the time before mobile phones with camera?). And no camera means no photos – so our fantastic wedding cake is only in our memory – or was

6 month ago I mailed La Glace and asked them if they remembered the cake, and if they had any photos of it.

I had almost forgotten all about this mail when I – several weeks later – received a mail from the best and most important baker in the history of Danish Pastry.

Here it is

Thanks a lot for your fantastic mail.

Dear Thomas & wife,

Me and my Store Manager, Malou, have both been here that long – and remember your cake very well:

Our Wedding Cake created by La Glace from our idea…. we had so much fun

“We want to be naked in a lion feet bathtub. We both have long brownish hair, him with a pony tail”, was the brief, you gave us.

It was our (catholic) then Chef de Pastry, Calvo, who made the bathtub.

To day Malou and I thought carefully about where there might be photos. How was it, what happened, where can we find photos if any.

We managed – and were euphoric, when we saw them!

Here they are!

If you dare again we will of course remake the cake

Marianne Stagetorn Kolos
Kagekone, La Glace

We had so much fun creating the cake

Actually – the whole wedding arrangement fun. We laughed for months before, during and after the wedding…

Nobody had any idea about what was happening until the bus we had hired to take our friends and family out for a bus ride entered the gates to Holmens Kirke.

This surprise happening is now published here: The Soundtrack of Love

– and that’s the last post about our wedding and marriage.



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