Thanks for all your B-day Greetings

Do you know how fantastic you all are?

Started the day before when the first greetings hit my messenger (From New Zealand) . We used used the occasion to try out the new restaurant in town Ceia and stared the B-Day toasts after midnight at Damas,

The rest of my Saturday I spend at the beach with the love of my life and Ernest Hemmingway. Because of all our parties this week I preferred to end the day as quiet as possible with a relaxed dinner in the bar at Penalva – which of course didn’t happen thanks to Luis and his amazing staff who made a kind of practical joke with me (I will spend the next days to come up with some kind of revenge).

I am not really the person who likes this attention – BUT I must admit that all your greetings warmed me when I went through them all this morning.

Eternal Love & Compassion


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