Morning in Kathmandu

One of the things I really enjoy is an early cup of coffee. Not the arty-farty-so-called-high-quality-ecological-crap you get every where these days. I’m happy with a regular cup of Nescafé Classic. The one I got addicted to while working for Nestlé in Bruxelles in 1993.

Sorry – that’s my favorite.

Sitting quietly watching the locals waking up while wondering what the Hell I am doing in a crazy place like Kathmandu – puzzling with thoughts, ideas, projects, writing a few notes and preparing for a new day in life to the sound of Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Keith Jarret, Cluster, Eno, Coltrane, Bugge Wesseltoft, Aphex Twin or someone else from my Morning Soundtrack Playlist – THAT IS MY KIND OF MORNING!

The video above is from one of these mornings.

A very rare one. Morning-chill-out-places are hard to find in Kathmandu – except for a few lost souls and the buddhist doing their 118 morning koras NOBODY get’s up early. At least not the restaurant owners.

But that will changes!

When Tings Tea Lounge & Tings Lounge Hotel opens this fall you can get your morning tea and home-baked bread from 7  am or earlier depending on my mood.

And don’t be surprised if the soundtrack the morning you come will be UNGA BUNGA with DJ Tolstrup. One of the best DJ’s in the world in my opinion. My dream is to get him to Lazimpat (along with Dr. Baker) and play for a couple of days…

Who know’s my dreams might come through soon.

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